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NEW: Piaggio MP3 Comfort Gel Seats

Boasting 65 litres of storage, an adjustable windscreen for weather protection and, of course, the stability and safety of three wheels, Piaggio's MP3 Touring has huge long-haul potential. Now two new Gel Seat options mean that both riders and pillions can enjoy day-long comfort, too.

As the name suggests, each seat features a gel insert designed to help reduce pressure on the spine, hip joints and legs. This allows increased blood circulation, preventing the 'numb' feeling many riders suffer from during long days on the road.

The gel's isothermic properties mean that it maintains shape and viscosity in both hot and cold temperatures, so performance is guaranteed no matter what the weather does. In addition, each seat is cut and shaped to offer both rider and pillion extra room and support. A larger back rest for the rider and an improved sitting position for pillions help improve comfort further still.

The Piaggio Comfort Gel Seat is available in standard and increased height versions (pictured).  The latter is 40mm higher offering improved leg room for taller riders.  Recommended retail prices are £158.33 and £166.66 respectively.

The standard version comes in black and brown; the increased height in black only. Call 0117 972 5552 or visit www.uk.piaggio.com for details.