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Powerful new accessories from OptiMate

OptiMate has produced three innovative accessories following the introduction of upgraded SAE-compatible connectors throughout the range.  Designed to be compatible with SAE International standards, the organization for engineering professionals working with cars, trucks, boats and aircraft, the new connectors are secure, reliable and splash-proof too.

Alongside the existing range of extension leads, 'cigarette lighter' and DIN sockets, OptiMate now offer a Universal USB Charger. This charger will automatically shut down if the voltage of the battery drops below 12.4V, ensuring that it will never discharge the battery. Short-circuit proof and overload protected, it is compatible with most portable devices, including Apple and Garmin products, and prices start at £24.99 including VAT.

Also new is the 12-volt LED Flashlight. With a metre-long lead and six LEDs the flashlight is ideal for maintenance checks in the dark and the device can be used to indicate both battery condition and vehicle charge too. Retail price is £17.99 including VAT.
The Charge Now! Warning flasher was developed for both business and public users – in fact anyone who owns more than one motorcycle. Simply connect to the battery when the machine is not in use and it will flash a warning when voltage drops below 12.5 volts (or 12.3V according to the model), so the owner can then connect an OptiMate. One model works on both AGM and Gel type batteries, the other model is compatible with standard (wet cells) batteries. Both models cost each £15.99 including VAT.

For the hundreds of thousands UK customers whose OptiMates are fitted with the original TM (KET) connectors, OptiMate have produced a converter lead that retails for just £7 to ensure a smooth transition.

Visit www.tecmate-int.com for further details.
Editor's Notes - TecMate International is the worldwide market leader in smart battery chargers. Its OptiMate technology has maintained and saved millions of batteries worldwide and as a result it is no coincidence that ten major motorcycle manufacturers recommend OptiMate.