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Ventura is loads lighter for Triumph Tiger

Ventura's new bike pack system provides a lighter solution to the problem of carrying luggage on Triumph's powerful new adventure tourer. With a wet weight of 259kg, the Tiger Explorer is a heavy motorcycle and adding the metal luggage traditionally associated with this style of machine only adds to the problem.

So New Zealand luggage experts Ventura developed a novel version of their luggage rack that bolts directly to the Tiger's standard luggage rack, removing the need for weighty pannier frames. One of Ventura's exclusive soft luggage packs can then be slotted onto the rack, which keeps the tail pack stable and secure, without adding any extra width to the bike. A complete Ventura system weighs 4.5 kg and packs are available offering up to 63-litres capacity.

Ventura's unique ‘slide on/ride off' system eliminates the need for unreliable and potentially damaging straps/bungees associated with carrying soft luggage, allows a pillion to be carried in comfort and is quick and easy to remove and replace at any point.

Both the Pack and Rack can be removed from the machine in seconds, leaving only the discrete L-Brackets behind. A pillion Grab Handle or a Sport Rack, designed for smaller loads, can be fitted in place of the pack rack.

Packs come in a variety of styles and sizes: from a 35-litre weekend bag, to a massive 102-litre tour Pack combination. The system can even be used in conjunction with either hard or soft panniers for additional carrying capacity.

A complete system for the Tiger Explorer including L-Brackets, Pack Rack and 47-litre Mistral Pack (as pictured) costs £329.57 including VAT. For further details and a full list of fitments and pack options, call 01256 704909 or visit www.ventura-bike.co.uk.