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Into iPhone? Interphone it to your bike

Motorcycle communication specialists, Interphone, have introduced a neat iPhone mounting system with options for both scooters and motorcycles, so riders can enjoy full use of the popular smart-phone while on the move.

The sturdy knock-proof and water resistant case features a full internal rubber shell to help keep the phone secure and protected, whilst allowing full functionality: the touch screen can be operated as normal, earphones can be used and the phone charged, all while secured in the case.

Used in conjunction with a headset, it allows the rider to enjoy their favourite music, or benefit from one of the many sat-nav applications available for the Apple phone, saving the significant extra cost of a separate navigation system.

The case fits onto a unique strap mount which allows the iPhone case to be mounted on non-tubular and shrouded handlebars commonly found on scooters and increasingly on modern motorcycles. Features include a precise tightening system for stability; rubber internal strapping to protect the handlebar; 360 degree adjustable support bracket for precise positioning and a quick release snap-on bayonet clip for rapid removal.

A standard tubular bar mount is also available, should the rider wish to use the case on another machine.

The Interphone iPhone 4 Holder costs £49.99, including VAT at 20%. Visit www.interphoneuk.co.uk or call 01256 704909.