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NEW: 600A Dual Rate Twist Grip

Venhill, the motorcycle control specialists, have updated their popular dual action twist grip. Originally designed for motocross and speedway bikes, Venhill's original 500A dual action throttle has become increasingly popular on the circuits too: British Supersport contenders Seton Tuning Yamaha are just one of the many teams choosing the kit.

Just like its predecessor, the new 600A offers a choice of fast and medium throttle action settings, allowing the rider to tailor response to suit the conditions. Its body is CNC machined aluminium and the rotor and cable guide wheel are aluminium too. The twist grip tube is durable plastic and can be easily changed if damaged.

On the fastest setting there is 68° of rotation (taking up 36mm of the cable), while on the regular setting there is 80°, delivering a slightly quicker action than most OE twist grips. Settings can be changed quickly and easily by hooking the throttle cable to alternative positions on the throttle rotor, so no fiddly procedures or special tools are required. The cable can also be changed quickly, without removing the housing from the bar.

Suitable for sports bikes, dirt bikes, speedway and quads, and supplied with an adjuster and locking ring, the new 600A retails at £58.80 (including VAT) and fits most machines with 22mm handlebars and a single throttle cable. Venhill also produce the 888 throttle for dual cable machines. Visit www.venhill.co.uk or call 01306 885111 for details and a list of fitments.