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NEW Gear Gremlin motorcycle accessories

GEAR GREMLIN is a new collection of indispensable accessories for motorcyclists, covering everything from alloy LED indicators to replacement zipper pullers.

Exclusively developed for award-winning British wholesaler The Key Collection, Gear Gremlin provides riders with all those really useful everyday items, such as disc locks, tax disc holders, cargo nets and paddock stands, as well as more specialist lines like heated grips, battery chargers, chain breakers and locking wire kits.

Products are only included in the range if they combine quality and value for money. The Gear Gremlin paddock stand, for example, is manufactured from 38mm tubular steel, with double wheels and self-aligning support palms, yet retails at just £44.99 including VAT. Meanwhile their anodised alloy tax disc holders are waterproof and available in a choice of colours at £15.99.

Gear Gremlin also offer a wide choice of security products, from the Spitfire disc lock, made from steel, with a 10mm locking pin and flat keys, which sells for £16.99, to the Fury chain lock, with 16mm links and double ball locking mechanism, selling at £109.99. 

There are more than 100 product lines in Gear Gremlin range - for more information contact 0117 971 9200 or visit www.thekeycollection.co.uk.