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New Skidmarx Aerofoils for Yamaha XTZ 1200

Designed to be ridden in challenging conditions and over large distances, adventure bikes like the Yamaha Super Ténéré, and their riders, are often subject to a battering from wind and rain, as well as dirt and debris thrown up along the way. 

British bodywork specialists, Skidmarx, have developed a neat addition to Yamaha's big dual-sport  bike, helping to add extra protection for long rides on both road and trail.

Aerofoils are designed to fill the gap between the screen and bodywork, deflecting wind and weather away from the rider, helping to prevent buffeting on the arms and chest, and in turn combating fatigue during long rides.

They can also help protect the Ténéré's hand controls and switches from mud, sand, grit and other debris throw up from the road, reducing the risk of component failure.  

Skidmarx Aerofoils are manufactured in the UK from tough but light 3mm acrylic in a choice of clear, light and dark tinted versions, and mount quickly and easily to Ténéré's existing bodywork.  They are supplied complete with fitting kit and instructions for the recommended retail price of £49.95 including vat.

Call 01305 780808 or visit www.skidmarx.co.uk for details.