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Don't let your battery catch cold this winter

Putting a motorcycle in storage over winter does not mean that owners can forget about the battery until the spring, warn motorcycle battery maintenance experts Optimate.  Cold winter temperatures have a significant impact on motorcycle batteries, which is why it can be difficult to re-start the bike after 'hibernation'.

In low temperatures the power output from the battery drops, as the chemical reaction that generates electrons to supply the current proceeds more slowly.  Even when the battery is not in use, charge is lost through leakage between the terminals.  Alarms, immobilisers and clocks can all drain the battery over a period of weeks and once the voltage drops below 12-volts is may be difficult to start the motorcycle on the button.    

Ironically, riding through the winter creates a different set of challenges for the battery; its ability to accept a charge drops, (so it will not recharge as quickly while the engine is running) and the load increases (increased use of lights, heated clothing or grips, etc).

According to the AA, battery faults are the most common cause of vehicle breakdown - their patrols were called to more than half a million battery breakdowns in 2010 – and the first day back to work after the Christmas/New Year break is always one of the busiest of the year for the AA.

Using an intelligent charger to maintain the battery in cold weather will ensure that it stays fully charged.  Optimate technology has maintained and saved millions of batteries worldwide and as a result it is no coincidence that ten major motorcycle manufacturers recommend OptiMate.  Retail prices for their smart chargers start at £40-.

Visit www.tecmate-int.com for further details.