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Get kitted out with Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield UK have two new kits that enable dealers or owners to customise motorcycles from the current range of 500cc Classic models.  Inspired by the Crusader Sports of 1959, the Bullet Sports kit features drop handlebars and a 'Gold Star' style silencer.  The fly screen is typical of those fitted to café racers in the 1960's and the neat bar end mirrors bolt directly into the end of the ace handlebars.  The complete kit sells for £353.95 or customers can order a Classic Chrome model in Bullet Sports trim for £5595 (£5295 for standard Bullet Classic Chrome).

Royal Enfield had an outstanding record of success in the International Six Days Trial between 1948-1953 and the T5 kit harks back to those glory days for British riders.  Shod with Continental Twinduro tyres that perform well both on and off road in all seasons and with braced ‘scrambles’ handlebars the T5 offers reassuring handling in town and country.  The kit, which also includes an alloy bash plate, sells for £251 and there is an option to buy any new Bullet classic to T5 specification for £5395 (standard Classic/Battle Green is £5195). 

For information on the complete range of Royal Enfield motorcycles and accessories, call 01386 700907 or visit www.royal-enfield.com.