Regain control with ART on Friday 26th July

ART, the advanced riding course developed by California Superbike School founder Keith Code, returns to Rockingham in Northamptonshire on Friday 26th July. 

Based on a training programme that Code devised for the United States Marine Corps to reduce serious motorcycle accidents among off-duty soldiers, the Advanced Rider Techniques give riders better control of their bikes and a clear understanding of what they need to change to keep on improving.

Introduced to the UK in 2012, ART focuses on throttle control and turn entry speed, so it is well suited to riders who have recently passed their test as well as those looking to brush up their skills on the road.

ART training takes half a day to complete, either during the morning or afternoon. There are three riding sessions on the specifically designed course and coaching staff observe students, giving advice throughout the sessions.

Open to anyone with a full motorcycle licence, ART courses cost £99 and students can either use their own machines or hire a Yamaha FZ8 for £99. For more information or to book visit