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Nippy Plugs for BMW R1200R and RS

BMW specialist Nippy Norman has introduced a Frame Hole Kit, containing 11 plugs to tidy up the unsightly holes in the frame on the current range of R1200R and RS boxer twins. 

Quick and easy to fit, each of the 11 plugs simply pops in to the holes around each frame fitting and can be removed just as easily if access is required.

Adding a finishing touch to the roadster's styling and helping to protect difficult-to-reach places from water, dirt and corrosion, the plugs are made from lightweight, hard-wearing TPU, which is resistance to oil and grease, apart from the two angled tube ends, which are rubber, because they need to be more flexible to fit. All are produced in a subtle matt black finish that won't distract from the bike's styling.

The kit comes with an alcohol wipe to clean the holes and strips of self-adhesive grip tape, providing extra secure fastening for the angled tube ends. It  fits all 2015-on liquid-cooled R1200R and RS models and sells for just £29.00 including VAT - a simple, practical and cost-effective finishing touch.

A 9-piece kit is also available for the 2013-on BMW R1200 GS LC models at £29.00. Visit www.nippynormans.com for details.