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New carbon modular helmet from LS2

Travel light whenever and wherever you ride with LS2’s new Vortex, which features a carbon fibre shell, Bluetooth connectivity and is dual-homologated as both a full face and open face helmet.

Made from 100% high-grade carbon fibre - the same material used in the aeronautical industry, Formula 1 and MotoGP - the Vortex weighs just 1300g*, significantly less than regular flip-front helmets which can be upwards of 1700g.

Alongside the aerodynamic shaping of the shell, the low weight helps keep the wearer’s head stable at speed and reduces pressure on the neck and fatigue on longer stretches - a real bonus when touring.

A full wrap-around neck curtain and one at the chin help keep the wind and weather out, as well as reducing annoying and tiring wind noise - essential when tackling long stretches of motorway or dual carriageway.

This also helps with hearing sat nav directions, rider-to-passenger and bike-to-bike comms, as well as music - all possible as the Vortex is LINKIN Ride Pal Bluetooth-ready, for full wireless connectivity on the move.

The quick-release visor is formed using 3D Optically Correct "A Class" Polycarbonate, which avoids distortion for a clear view of the road ahead, and is supplied with a Pinlock insert to reduce fogging. A drop-down sun shield also features, and is operated using an easy-to-find slider on the left side of the shell.

Inside is a removable and washable hypoallergenic lining for comfort and freshness, plus Dynamic Flow-through Ventilation - with adjustable intake ports, internal channels and exhaust ports - delivering a constant, light flow of air when needed.

The LS2 Vortex is available in sizes XS-XXL (53-64 cm) and retails for £299-.

It is also available with the LINKIN Ride Pal system (RRP £129.99) for the special price of £399.99.

Visit www.ls2helmets.com for more information and to find your nearest stockist.