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Wunderlich Paralever Protector

Wunderlich’s new Paralever Protector sits beneath the rear axle drive on liquid-cooled BMW Boxer twins and protects the hollow-drilled rear axle and the Paralever joint from spills on the road and impacts off it.

Both the rear drive housing and joint are vulnerable to contact with large objects like high kerbs, tree roots or rocks and boulders, and from stones and other debris thrown up from the road or trail.

Made from 3mm stainless steel and shaped to wrap around the lower section of the drive and housing, Wunderlich’s new Paralever Protector helps guard the drive’s light alloy casing. 

It mounts via existing points on the drive, adding minimal weight and won’t affect cornering or ground clearance. It also allows full access for servicing and maintenance and doesn’t affect rear-wheel removal.

Powder coated in black, to help prevent corrosion and blend in with the R-series’ styling.

Wunderlich's rear axle sliders can also be used with the Paralever Protector in place, for added protection.

The Paralever Protector fits all liquid-cooled R-series models, including the R 1200 GS and Adventure, R 1200 R, RS and RT, and retails at £109.00 Including VAT - a fraction of the cost of a replacement drive unit.

It’s supplied with all fittings and fixings required for mounting and is covered by a five-year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Contact Wunderlich’s UK partner www.nippynormans.com to find out more.