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Twin USB Adaptor with Voltmeter

Power multiple devices on the move without worrying about draining your bike’s battery, with  the new Twin USB Adaptor with Voltmeter from Nippy Normans.

Charging on the move is a must for most riders - especially when touring - but keeping power-hungry smartphones, sat navs and cameras topped up can put the bike’s 12V battery under pressure.

Nippy Norman’s new Twin USB Adaptor displays the bike’s battery voltage whenever a device is plugged into one or both of its USB ports, so the rider can keep a close eye on power reserves - extra handy during stops for fuel or parking up, when the alternator isn’t putting power back in. 

Voltage is shown on a bright blue illuminated digital display, so it stands out in low light and can easily be distinguished from other warning lights. 

The adaptor plugs straight into any standard bike DIN socket - no hard-wiring or fiddly fixings to worry about - and each USB port pumps out 5V / 2.1 Amps; more than enough to keep the latest devices powered up.

It’s fully compatible with BMW’s Can-Bus system too.

The Nippy Normans Twin USB Adaptor with Voltmeter retails at £29.00 including VAT, and fits all BMW motorcycles with a DIN socket, as well as KTM and Triumph models too.

For details, visit the UK’s #1 for BMW motorcycle accessories www.nippynormans.com