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Rain-X Water Repellent for plastic

Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent helps motorcycle screens, goggles and visors to stay clear when the weather isn’t - perfect for commuters, tourers and anyone who rides in the somewhat predictable UK weather!

Using the same hydrophobic water-repelling technology as the original Rain-X treatment for glass, it works by leaving an invisible, super slick coating on the visor or screen’s surface, which makes water bead-up on contact, so it rolls off quickly and easily.

It helps in particularly tricky situations - such as riding through heavy spray on motorways and dual carriageways - when visibility can be particularly poor, and reduces the need to wipe visors and goggles, allowing the rider to keep hands on the controls.

It also helps to keep visors, goggles and screens clear of road grime and other contaminants - especially welcome during the winter months.

Rain-X is safe to use on most plastics - including Lexan®, Plexiglas®, Lucite®, acrylic and polycarbonate - and is quick and easy to apply - simply spray on, wipe around the surface and then buff with a soft, dry cloth.

It comes in a handy 500ml spray bottle for easy application and costs just £12 including VAT (or £13 with a microfibre cloth). It’s available from the UK’s no.1 for BMW motorcycle accessories www.nippynormans.com