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Venhill power up the R6

Venhill's British-made Powerhose Plus Front and Rear Brake Hose kits are now available for the 2017-2020 Yamaha YZF-R6 ABS

Four replacement brake line options have been added to the catalogue, two for the front and two for the rear:

  • Yam-6047f - Front Brake 1 Hose Kit, which replaces the rubber hose from the master cylinder to the yoke and requires the re-use of metal pipework. £29.00 Including VAT
  • Yam-6048f - Front Brake 4 Hose Kit, which combines and replaces all the rubber hose and metal pipework. £106.86 Including VAT
  • Yam-6047r - Rear Brake 2 Hose Kit, replacing just the rubber hoses and requiring the re-use of metal pipework. £56.47 Including VAT
  • Yam-6048r - Rear Brake 2 Hose Kit, which combines and replaces all the rubber hose and metal pipework. £56.47 Including VAT

Venhill Powerhose Plus braided brake lines feature a DuPont® Teflon® core, which is resistant to loss of shape through heat, delivering more efficient fluid flow to the callipers, and increased braking force compared to the originals.

Stainless steel braid is wrapped around the core, to prevent pressure expansion, with a PVC jacket bonded on, to keep water out and protect bodywork from scratches.

Threaded Swivel Fittings enable the hose to be positioned with zero twist. Venhill machine their own banjo fittings and dome-headed banjo bolts to ensure proper fitment and a consistent, quality finish.

All Venhill braided brake hoses exceed American DOT and German TUV requirements, and, for further peace of mind, every hose that leaves their UK factory is pressure tested to 1500psi.

Replacement Venhill Featherlight Clutch and Throttle Cables - priced £21.48 and £38.62 respectively - are also available for the 2017-2020 YZF-R6 ABS.

Visit www.venhill.co.uk or call 01306 885111 for further details.