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Wunderlich Stick it to Stand Damage

If you’re stuck for a solution to a chipped and rusty BMW centre stand, brace yourself for this latest innovation from Wunderlich.

Costing less than a fiver and taking just seconds to fit, Wunderlich’s Centre Stand Cross Brace Protective Sticker helps stop unsightly and costly damage to your BMW centre stand - yes, sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference. 

Made from high quality, stable and age-resistant film, the sticker covers the main strut cross brace on modern BMW centre stands - reducing stone chips and damage from other road debris, keeping the paintwork intact and helping to reduce corrosion.

The sticker is black to blend in with the center stand’s paintwork seamlessly; comes cut to size (210x55mm) and ready to stick - no messy adhesives - all you need is a steady hand. It features the Wunderlich logo to add a dash of style to your stand. 

It fits any BMW with a Cross Brace on its centre stand, including:

  • F750 GS/850GS/Adventure
  • F900 R/XR
  • R1200 GS LC
  • R1200 Adventure LC
  • R1250 GS
  • R1250 Adventure

Stickers retail at £4.50 including VAT each and are available from the UK’s No.1 BMW motorcycle accessory specialist www.nippynormans.com