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Carry on Clamping

New from BMW accessory specialists Wunderlich, the MultiClamp makes taking tech along for the ride quick, easy and fuss-free.

Attached and removed in seconds, the MultiClamp uses a unique tool-free fitting system: just choose your mounting location; tighten securely using the removable toggle and spindle; then take off the toggle and you’re good to go.

The unique design means it can be attached to round tubing with a diameter of 10 to 32mm, as well as square sections, like frame rails, and flat profiles up to 32mm, such as you would find on many luggage racks.

It features a ball joint that can be rotated 360° and locked - so the attached device can be positioned exactly as needed - ideal for recording action cam footage.

A simple, quick-release means the Smartphone or ActionCam holders can be swapped over in seconds - and the device removed at stops, to guard against theft.

The Wunderlich MultiClamp is made from lightweight anodised aluminium and retails at £46  including VAT. The compatible MultiClamp Smartphone holder costs £30, and the ActionCam attachment is £15.

All three are available from the UK’s No.1 for BMW motorcycle accessories  www.nippynormans.com