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Loud and clear - the new SENA 5S intercom

Louder, clearer and packed with innovative features, the next generation of 5 Series intercoms from Sena deliver the latest communication technology at an accessible price.

Built on Sena’s most advanced Bluetooth 5 platform, the 5S keeps you connected to your passenger or anther rider in HD Sound quality, enhanced by built-in audio equalizer profiles. You can answer phone calls hands-free, stream music or listen to FM Radio and hear GPS prompts too. Functions can be selected using the glove-friendly jog dial or voice commands, with an LCD display on the command unit to confirm your choice .


  • Advanced Bluetooth® 5 platform
  • 2-Way HD Intercom connects over a range up to 700m
  • Upgraded premiums speakers and audio equalizer for HD sound quality
  • Multilingual voice commands with LCD display to verify function selection
  • Smartphone connectivity for streaming music, phone calls, sat nav, etc
  • Audio Multitasking™ - listen to music and simultaneously talk over Intercom
  • FM Radio
  • Sena Utility App compatible


The Sena 5S has in-helmet speakers that are optimised for both physical comfort and audio performance. Slimmer, with a bevelled taper, they’re designed to be unobtrusive and comfortable inside close-fitting motorcycle helmets. Audio output is now also crisper, clearer and louder than previous models, for crystal-clear HD two-way intercom communication, GPS directions, hands-free calling and music.


The LCD screen enables you to quickly verify your connections and settings at a glance, before you put your helmet on. The glove-friendly Jog Dial allows volume changes, call answering and more whilst keeping concentration firmly on the road. Functions can also be selected by voice commands, responding to English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.


Riders can also take advantage of the Sena Utility App to configure the 5S at the touch of a button. The Utility App gives access to four EQ presets of bass boost, balance, mid boost, or treble boost, to tailor the listening experience.


The new Sena 5S retails at an accessible price of just £149- for a single pack and £279 for the dual pack (including VAT).

For a full rundown of specs and features, visit: https://www.sena.com/product/5s

Find your nearest stockist using the Sena store locator: https://www.sena.com/store-locator