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BMW R1800GS concept

BMW accessory specialists Nippy Normans have imagined how a GS might look powered by the new 1800cc boxer twin motor, tuned to put out 140hp.

The R1800GS concept is the brainchild of Norman Birtles, who founded Nippy Normans in 2003, to offer BMW riders the widest variety of accessories from  around the world;

"When I saw the R18 at last year's Milan show I wondered how that massive motor would look in a GS frame. During lockdown, my curiosity got the better of me, and I asked Kar Lee, the designer who's created so many memorable concept bikes, if he could come up with something."

Kar produced two versions of the R1800GS concept - a 'touring' road bike and an adventure spec model.

Both are powered by the 1800cc flat twin, returned to deliver 140hp and 115ft-lb torque.

The touring bike comes with alloy wheels to enhance handling, LED lights and an Akrapovic silencer. It is also fitted with a host of practical accessories from the Nippy Normans catalogue, including wind deflectors, heated seat, bash plate and luggage rack with pannier rails.

The Adventure-specification model gets robust spoked wheels, full crash protection and rugged alloy panniers, so it can cope with challenging terrain.

"I realise this is pure fantasy" admits Norman. "Shoe-horning that 110kg 1800cc motor into a GS frame would require some serious re-engineering of the chassis, but the combination of glorious low-down torque and the long-distance comfort and handling of a GS is something to dream about!"

See the complete range of BMW accessories from Nippy Normans at www.nippynormans.com. 

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