About Us

Dan Sager, a keen motorcyclist with a background in the motorcycle industry, founded The Fabulous Biker Boys in 1996, with the simple aim of providing small to medium sized businesses with affordable public relations services. 

Twice winners of the British Dealer News award for best trade PR and marketing, Fab-Biker has grown into one of the best-established public relations agencies in motorcycling.  
Many of our clients have used its services for years, some since the very beginning, and you can see a full list here.

Over the past two decades Fab-Biker has forged strong links throughout the motorcycle media, both print and digital, and have developed a deep understanding of the market and consumer interests.

The agency has even been directly involved in setting two Guinness World Records; 

At The Fabulous Biker Boys we aim to deliver a traditional style of service - reliable, with a deep understanding of our clients and an interest in the success of their businesses - combined with the ability to apply that to a very modern market.  

Supporting Motorcycle Outreach - improving healthcare delivery in developing countries