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NEW XENA Bluetooth controlled alarmed disc-lock

One bike in every 46 is stolen, according to the most recent National Theft Rankings*, so owners need to invest in the very best security available.

Ultra high security, and controlled via a handy smartphone App, XENA’s new XX15 alarmed disc-lock makes motorcycle security much more convenient. 

Fully Bluetooth-enabled, the XX15 connects directly to the XENA iOS and Android App, enabling the user to tailor settings instantly to suit their requirements and the environment in which their bike or scooter is parked. 

Using the App allows the user to turn the alarm on or off with the flick of a thumb; and set the shock and movement sensor levels, so they can be higher when parked in a vulnerable area and lower when there is regular movement around the machine. 

Siren volume and alarm duration can also be altered quickly and easily - allowing the XX15’s piercing 120dB alarm to ring louder and for longer when in a busy street, or less so when parked indoors. 

The user can also see the alarm's battery level at a glance, taking the guesswork out of the need for replacement.  

Built just as tough as XENA’s other disc locks, the XX15 has a super strong Mono-Bloc 304 Stainless-Steel body and a 14mm Carbide-Reinforced Pin - both designed to resist hammer and cutting tool attacks. 

The max security key and barrel has 250,000 possible combinations and is pick-proof. It also utilises a double-locking system and is ice spray resistant too.

Though incredibly tough, the XX15 Bluetooth Alarmed Disk Lock is compact and weighs just 768g and can be easily stashed in luggage or under a seat, so it will be on-hand whenever a machine is left unattended.

The XX15 Bluetooth Alarmed Disk Lock retails for £110- including VAT. For full specifications visit www.motohaus.com

Editor’s notes: 

* Theft figures from Motorcycle Action Group National Police Force Bike Theft Rankings: https://wiki.mag-uk.org/images/e/e7/Rankings_August_2019.pdf