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Weise Core Plus for Bigger Bikers

A game-changer for larger riders, the new Weise Core Plus is an AA-rated textile jacket tailored for plus sizes up to 5XL. For example, whereas a ‘regular’ Large jacket would have a 44” chest (112cm), in ‘plus’ sizing it is a much more generous fit, at 52.5” (133cm).

Big on specification as well as sizing, the Core Plus has everything expected from Weise clothing - comfort, quality, protection and practicality - designed to accommodate the fuller figure.

AA-rated for protection, it comes with CE-approved shoulder, elbow and back armour as standard, and reflective detailing, to help keep the wearer visible in low light. 

Protection from the elements is taken care of by a breathable, waterproof and windproof drop liner and a removable 120-gram quilted thermal lining. 

When the temperature rises the Core Pus can be adapted in an instant, with zipped vents at the chest, back and on each arm, allowing a cooling airflow. 

Adjusters at the biceps and forearms reduce annoying billowing, and provide a snug fit, while three external pockets with zipper closure, and four internal pockets, offer plenty of places to carry everyday essentials. 

Small on price, the Weise Core Plus jacket retails at just £169.99 including VAT. The size range is Large (52.5” chest) to 5XL (UK 60.5” chest).  

Matching Core Plus Textile Trousers are available in plus sizes Medium - 5XL. RRP £149.99 including VAT. 

Visit www.weiseclothing.com for full specifications and dealer list.