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Retro Triumph trials outfit

Watsonian have developed a fitting kit to attach their trials-inspired International sidecar to the Triumph Scrambler.

Styled to capture the essence Watsonian’s aluminium-bodied trials sidecar of the 1950s, and designed for modern roads, the International has a glass fibre body, with brushed aluminium wrap on the sides, to recreate the metallic appearance of the original. In red gelcoat finish this complements the two-tone paint scheme of the Scrambler. Other colours are available on request.

It comes fitted with a grab rail and tubular back rest, and there is a generous-size locker, measuring 450 x 500 x 310 mm, beneath the bench seat. The mudguard is also glass fibre and comes fitted with road legal running light, indicators and tail light.

The sidecar body is mounted on Watsonian’s proven platform chassis, which is made from tubular steel, with welded joints, and powder-coated for durability. Hydraulic suspension is fitted, to give a smooth and stable ride and a 16” wheel with stainless steel spokes and chromed steel rim completes the period look.

Made in the UK to order, prices for the International Sidecar start at £3,995- (including VAT) and the Triumph Scrambler fitting kit sells for £475-. A factory-fitting service is available.

For information on the range of Watsonian sidecars and fittings call 01386 700907 or visit www.watsonian-squire.com