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Flat Track Packs for Indian FTR

Indian FTR owners who’re going round in circles to find a luggage solution can rest easy, because Ventura has added the flat tracker to its Evo Luggage System fitment list.

An ultra minimalist rear end and upswept exhausts give the FTR an authentic flat track look, but do little to aid carrying luggage. 

Developed to solve the problem, the Ventura System adds versatile luggage capacity, without the weight and unsightly racking of hard luggage, and with much more stability and practicality than soft bags.  

Quick and easy to mount - and even easier to live with - the Evo System is made up of just three elements:

  • Discreet L-Brackets - tailor made for the FTR and which attach to existing mounts; 
  • An Evo Rack - offering a stable and secure platform for the luggage; 
  • The Evo Pack - which simply slides on and clips in place.

Ventura’s sleeve-fitting system means the Pack won’t move around - even when riding hard. It’s also quick and easy to remove and reattach the Pack at stops - no straps or fiddly locks and keys.

When riding solo, the Pack is carried directly behind the rider and close to the bike’s centre of gravity; when a passenger is on board, it can be re-positioned behind the pillion seat in seconds. 

Both options carry the load well clear of the FTR’s upswept exhausts and the rear wheel. Unlike panniers, there’s no extra width added to the bike. 

When luggage isn’t needed, the Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the L-brackets in place. There is also an option to replace the Rack with a Grab Handle, leaving the FTR’s clean lines uncluttered.

Packs come in various sizes, from the handy 12-litre Evo-12 to the massive 60-litre Evo-60 Jet Stream. Each one features water-resistant and durable laminated ballistic fabric construction, with wide openings for quick and easy access to contents, aerodynamic shaping to cheat the wind and much more.

A typical System for the FTR, with L-Brackets, Evo-Rack and the Evo-22 Pack (pictured), costs £364.62 including VAT - significantly less than hard luggage. The optional Grab Handle is just £22.80 including VAT and Ventura are curently offering one free with any luggage kit (including L-Brackets, Rack, and Pack). 

Fitments are currently available for the 2019-2021 Indian FTR, FTR S and FTR R Carbon.

For further details, prices and a full list of pack options visit www.ventura-bike.co.uk