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Updated ADVance Guards for BMW 1250 GS Adventure

Machineart has updated its ADVance Guard handguards for the BMW R1250 GS Adventure, so they’re now even tougher and lighter than before, yet can still be quickly adapted to suit weather and riding conditions.

ADVance Guard V2 is based on the original versatile and unique design, but with a new and improved frame material - a super tough Nylon composite that’s even stronger than the previous generation aluminum frame, yet significantly lighter.

The Guards feature patented multi-functional adjustability, so can be adapted to suit weather and riding conditions in seconds, without the need for any tools.

They consist of three main components: 

  • A wide composite Safety Frame with an open airflow front; 
  • An Insert that fills the open front when snapped in; 
  • A Sliding Shield that is adjustable up and down, to control airflow 

Used without the Insert or Shield attached, the open centre allows cooling air flow over the hands on warmer days. 

In lower temperatures, in rain or snow - or if the rider wants further protection from debris - the snap-in Insert instantly fills the open front, offering extra coverage for the hands.

Should the rider need even more protection, the Sliding Shield can be raised to give additional coverage; fully extending to 142mm.

However the rider chooses to set ADVance Guards, the wide Nylon Composite safety frame provides protection for hands, brake and clutch levers during a drop, and shields against impact with branches and other obstacles.

Quick and easy to fit, the Guards attach to the bar end and handlebar with lightweight and robust mounts that are specifically shaped to clear control cables. Each pair comes with everything needed to fit and full instructions. 

Machineart ADVance Guard V2 retail at £219- per pair including VAT. They’re currently available for the BMW R1250 GS Adventure, R1200 GS LC Adventure, R1200/1250 GS, F650/700/800/Adventure and the R1200R LC, with fitments for other popular adventure models available and more due to be added soon. 

For a complete fitment list and full specifications visit www.nippynormans.com