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Front Mudguard Extender for BMW F900 XR

A simple add-on that makes a significant difference, Wunderlich’s Xtreme Front Extender for the F900 XR provides double protection for BMW’s popular middleweight adventure sports bike.

The XR’s existing mudguard falls particularly short, leaving both the bike's engine casing and front brake callipers in the firing line of water, grit, and other road grime thrown up by the wheel. 

Made from sturdy thermoplastic and measuring approx 14.9 x 21.6 cm, Wunderlich’s extender adds much needed extra surface area.

The additional length directs potentially damaging detritus away from the F900’s engine; while the specially-shaped flared lip at the bottom edge also helps prevent it being thrown back up at the front callipers - double protection.   

Quick and easy to fit, the Xtreme Extender requires no drilling of the XRs original mudguard and comes with all fittings required and full instructions.

It retails at £94 including VAT and is available from the UK’s #1 for BMW motorcycle accessories www.nippynormans.com