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NEW SW-Motech Variable Bar Backs

Dial-in day-long comfort with SW-Motech’s new Variable Bar Backs, which allow handlebars to be set to seven different positions in seconds.  

Bringing welcome relief from ‘one size fits all’ riding positions, Bar Backs allow handlebars to be pulled back or moved forwards by up to 35 mm - in 5 mm increments - so riders of different shapes and sizes can find their most comfortable position. 

They also enable riders to adjust the bars to suit sport, touring and off-road riding.

Unlike fixed ‘up and overs’ or risers, the adjustment allows fine tuning of the upper body position, reducing aches and pains in the back, shoulders and wrist - particularly problematic on longer journeys. 

Bar backs also come with a choice of 25, 28 or 30mm of rise for added comfort.  

There’s no need to remove and remount the bars, or the Bar Backs themselves, to adjust: simply loosen the allen-key fixing, slide the handlebars to the required position and retighten to secure. Each 5mm increment is engraved into the side, so positioning can be clearly seen. 

Their clever design means even the maximum amount of movement won’t affect steering or overstretch cables and hoses - or require the buying and fitting of replacements.  

CNC-milled from high-strength aluminium alloy and anodized in a choice of Black, Silver and Anthracite finishes, they fit pretty much any bike with regular handlebar clamps and are available for 22, 28 and 32 mm diameter bars. 

SW-Motech Variable Bar Backs retail at £146.88 per pair including VAT.

Visit www.sw-motech.co.uk for details and to find your nearest retailer.